Sainsburys Delivery Pass

There are two separate Sainsbury’s delivery passes;

The anytime pass and the midweek pass (Tuesday to Thursday only).
Both of these passes are valid for one year and have a minimum spend of £40.00.

The anytime pass costs £100.00 per year (effectively £8.33 every month) and the midweek pass costs £75.00 per year (effectively £6.25 every month).

With the Sainsburys Delivery Pass you pay a 1 – off fee upfront and then get no delivery charges on your grocery purchases for the next twelve months.

The anytime delivery pass allows you to get one free delivery per day, seven days per week. The midweek delivery pass allows you to get one free delivery per day on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s or Thursday’s and not on Monday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s or Sunday’s.

You can choose from any of the delivery slots that are currently available to select.

As a special thank you to all delivery pass new members you will get double Nectar points on all your online shopping until the 31st December 2013.

We look at some typical savings these delivery passes would enable you to get;

A grocery delivery slot can cost between £2.99 and £5.99 each so using the delivery pass for;

5 – off deliveries over a month could save you from £8.70 to £23.70 per month.

10 – off deliveries over a month could save you from £23.65 to £53.65 per month.

Some relevant rules are below but please see the official Sainsburys site for full terms and conditions prior to purchasing your new delivery pass.

Sainsbury’s delivery pass can only be used for grocery orders and not any non food or entertainment purchases.

Only one delivery pass is allowed per customer’s account.

The delivery pass can only be used to deliver to your own home or business address as per what you registered with Sainsbury’s at the time of sign up.

The minimum spend is £40.00 per delivery (prior to any voucher codes or multi buy discounts used). You can still place online orders below £40.00 but will have to pay an additional delivery charge for that slot.

Free deliveries during the Christmas period as part of your delivery pass are limited to only one in total in the five days leading up to Christmas (rather than the one per day as normally allowed).

You can’t change delivery pass type to another during the course of your membership but when your pass is due for renewal you have the option of switching if required.

Your membership will be automatically renewed every twelve months. You will get a reminder email sent 28 days prior to your renewal payment being taken. You can stop the renewal by contacting the customer care department within the 28 days.

Your delivery pass will be registered to your account within 24 hours. If you wish to make a delivery pass order straight away you will be able to use a special voucher code emailed to your registered email address until your account is fully live and operational for free deliveries.

You can cancel your membership within seven working days of purchase provided that you haven’t had a delivery pass related order delivered in that time. If you paid for your pass using a discount code you can still cancel within the seven working days and you will be issued with a refund for the same amount you originally paid i.e. the discounted amount.

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